The Venus Factor Weight loss System – Does The Venus Factor Really Work?

the-venus-factor-weight-lossThe issue of weight has been an age long problem for many women. Most of them struggle with weight loss issues and just seem unable to shed the extra pounds. This can be partly blamed on the intensive work schedules and limited financial income, which makes most women lack time and money, invest in gym workouts. In addition, it is also tough to find a fitness program that conforms to your individual needs and desires. As much as you would want to lose weight, it is important that you still maintain your feminine look and remain beautiful. This will make sure you fit into clothes perfectly and still have optimum fitness.

Furthermore, fitness programs are not standard as they will not produce the same results for different women. It is mainly due to the different body types women have and thus what would work for one would not necessarily work for another. In addition, with so many products believed to help in losing weight readily available in the market, it can be hard to tell those that are effective and work, and work and the fake ones. This is where the Venus factor comes in. But the question is, does the Venus Factor really work? Well, due to its highly versatile nature, it can accommodate almost any body type and give one their dream bodies and it is especially made for women.

What entails the Venus Factor?

The Venus program is revolves around a variable known as ‘the Venus index’.  It entails a bit of measurements and calculations. It requires a woman to measure their waist, hip, and height values that will be taken into consideration when calculating the ideal set of measurements for their individual body. Ideally, your waist measurement should be around 38% of your total height. The ideal hip measurement is a product of the waist value by 1.42. Similarly, your ideal shoulder measurement is determined by the product of the waist value and 1.618.

The Venus index will the serve as a guide to what you have to do to achieve your desired shape. It will dictate what amount of weight to lose (or gain in the case of very skinny women). It also helps one figure out what and how to eat. In addition, it helps one figure out what exercises are necessary in order to achieve an ideal body.

What is included in the program?

The program is not general process but rather consists of different components that revolve about the Venus index. The components include:venus-factor-system

1. Diet plan Guide - This component dictates how you are supposed to eat. It calculates the number of calories you can consume in proportion to your waist hip and height measurements. The values will differ for different women and will serve as instructions to lose or gain weight.

2. Venus workout manual and schedule - The Venus factor comes with a workout program covers 12 weeks divided into 3 phases each 4 weeks long. Each phase comes with its own specific routines and plans to follow. Detailed explanations with pictures and/or videos are also provided to ensure you do everything by the book and get the most out of your exercises.

3. Community membership - This component offers the social aspect of the program. This is especially beneficial to those who like the convenience of a home workout but also like the social aspect and moral support offered by traditional gyms or fitness classes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every workout program has its pros and cons. The following serve as some of the advantages:

• Easy to follow and do workouts correctly due to the aid of videos and pictures
• The program can work for any woman as long as they are in good health and are able to do workouts
• No expensive gym equipment is needed as it entails only home workouts
• Comes with a painless 60 day guarantee period, which you can be refunded back your money.
• No restrictions to what you can eat as it only serves to adjust your eating habits

Disadvantages that come with this program include:

• Hard to maintain discipline when it comes to diet since it does not use a structured diet approach
• It can only work for women
• It is the wrong approach to those who only want to shed weight quickly.
• It is a digital product only and no physical products will be shipped to you as you can only download them

Overall, the Venus factor really works if followed correctly and is ideal to any woman who wants to lose some pounds, build muscle, and still maintain a sexy feminine look.

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All You Need To Know About Male Enhancement Products

Male-EnhancementThere are no guesses that many rumors are there regarding how a man can look thicker, longer and feel better. Basically there are three ways to meet the above stated requirements. First you can opt for some medical treatment called “phalloplasty”. Second there are various advertised pills. At last come various exercises to be performed. If you want the best way to self improvement then you will need to look out for the techniques which would not pose any side effect to your health. So say if you have erectile problems, then a number of enhancement products would work for you. But you will have to consider some of the things mentioned below before going for any brand:

Consider ingredients: Health studies have shown that sildenafil citrate found in Viagra, a male enhancement product, helps in increasing flow of blood to penis. Cavernosum, a part of penis, holds a lot of blood and relaxes blood vessels to increase flow of blood. Although inhibitors like photodiesterase flattens blood vessels so it is not apt for people with low blood pressure.

Be cautious of scam sites: More public demand and effortlessness in selling online make scam sites to sell their bogus products to public.

Consider the price: One easy to do task that you must do is to surf Internet for various online stores and compare their products based on their qualities and prices.

List of some better male enhancement products:

  • Penis Advantage Exercises: If you’re in dilemma of where to start from, it will be wiser to use some specialized exercise routine. It is a fully safe and natural way that definitely delivers fast and great results. With the course of time you get more experienced with the feeling of penis enlargement. They don’t take much time to do, barely 5-10 minutes every day.
  • Penis Length Extender: It is a device that gently extends your penis throughout whole day. The more you wear it the faster you experience the results. It is always suggested to use a quality extender to grow your penis to the size you want.
  •  Penis Thickness Pump: It is best suited to make penis thicker. ‘Hydro Pump’ is what you should use if you have already been to penis advantage exercises and you want your penis to grow thicker. Bathmate pumps create suction within tube by the help of water, thereby producing utmost thickness gains.
  • Quick Male Enhancement Pills: There are targeted mainly for instant and fast results within hours. Various companies sell poor quality pills. Avoid them. Typically boutique products designed by powerful formulas are the best.
  •  Combination Approach: Best and quick results can be attained by combining all above stated ways.
  1.   Beginner Combo: For a new comer, combining exercises with length extender is an intelligent way to gain superb length and thickness.
  2.  Advanced Combo: For not so new guys, combining hydro pump with extender works well for length and thickness.
  • Natural way: What would be more natural than using your hands to grow up the size of your penis? All these methods are well and good for enhancement of your penis. But still pumps, extenders and exercises are preferred over pills as you never know the side effects of some of them.

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VigRX Plus Review – Does it really work?

vigrxplusThe inability to achieve and maintain a hard erection is a matter of great concern for many men. In fact, they feel inadequate, embarrassed and frustrated when they are unable to satisfy their lovers in bed. Statistics show that almost half of all men over the age of forty suffer from a kind of erectile dysfunction. Thus, this is a common problem all over the world.

VigRX is one amongst the remedies to the problem. Other remedies include Viagra, Zenerx, Prosolution and Vimax. VigRX is a herbal remedy made of botanicals, nutrients and an assortment of herbs to produce increased libido and enhance harder erection. The manufacturers claim that this supplement can help men achieve extraordinary erections and enhance sexual pleasure. Some medical researchers have linked the use of the drug to increased quantity of sperms that are of good quality. Thus, it has been used by men who are trying to conceive at no avail, but are not experiencing erectile dysfunction problems.

Before we proceed further with the VigRX Plus review, Let’s take a look how it works:

VigRX plus is packaged in capsule form and is taken twice daily for a period of three months .i.e. 90 days. It works by toning and strengthening the penile chamber muscles. The penis has chambers which are filled with blood during an erection. Secondly, it increases blood flow to the penis, improving performance, duration of erection and sensitivity. Over the years, studies have shown that VigRX plus increases the ability to maintain erections in men by over sixty five percent. Over seventy percent of the men that have taken the drug reported increased enjoyment and pleasure during sex. 0ver ninety percent of the group of the group interviewed said they were able to penetrate their partners better.

Primary ingredients

· One key ingredient in VigRX plus is Ginko Biloba. This herb has been used over the centuries in Asia as a traditional sex enhancingt drug. It is also used to increase sensitivity of the glans of the penis.

· In addition, there is the horny goat weed or Epimedium sagittatum . Studies have revealed that there is an enzyme that men produce that counter erection leading to erectile dysfunction. Horny goat weed blocks the action of the enzyme to enhance blood floor on the penis.

· Finally, there is the Brazilian herb known as Catuaba. This herb has been used for a long time as sexual aphrodisiac. This herb has alkaloids that help the hypothalamus part of the brain which controls the erection function of the brain.vigrx

VigRX side effects

While VigRX has several positive effects on the body, it also has negative ones. Some customers reported some negative side effects. However, most of them had pre-existing health problems. Some of the complaints include, heart palpitations, restless, gastro intestinal problems, insomnia and some allergic reactions. It is advisable to seek medical advice before taking VigRX plus. After a thorough medical examination, the doctor would advise whether it’s safe to take the drug. Of much concern, is the tendency of some men to take an overdose for better experience. This is highly dangerous and can result in serious health problems. The right dose should be taken at any one time.

Other important information

It is important to take the supplement in moderation. After taking the full dose, one should give the body some time to rest and recuperate. Patients under medication for prostatic, heart ailments, diabetes or autoimmune disorders are advised to seek medical advice before taking drugs.

All drug takers are advised to practice a healthy lifestyle. Lots of exercise, a balanced diet, avoiding stress and moderate alcohol intake would help in maintaining good sexual health. Furthermore, it is advisable to maintain healthy body weight. Underweight men were reported to suffer from most of the side effects.


From the information above, VigRX plus has over the years brought a smile to the faces of men who suffered varying degrees of sexual dysfunction. In spite of the side effects, the benefits of the drug far outweigh the risks. However, as a matter of precaution, all men are advised to seek medical advice before taking the supplement. In addition, all men should lead healthy lifestyles to maintain overall body and sexual health. Finally, the supplement should be bought from reputable sources for quality guarantee.

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